Defensive Handgun 2


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This is meant to be an 8 hour class that will teach you how to properly apply the strong foundation in defensive pistol shooting obtained in Defensive Handgun 1 under stressful situations.  The class will start with a safety briefing at 7:30 and we will take a 45 minute lunch break around 11:30. We will still briefly cover marksmanship and drawing from a holster but we will go into depth and detail on one handed tactical and emergency re-loads, multiple target engagements, one handed malfunctions clearing, shooting from cover, unconventional shooting positions and shooting on the move.  We will shoot rain or shine so come prepared.

Required Equipment

  • A quality “GUN BELT” and holster (no shoulder holsters).  Your holster should be manufactured specifically for your handgun and preferably made of kydex, sturdy leather or injection molded polymer.  We will not be doing this in class but your holster would need to retain your firearm if you were to preform a backwards summersault.
  • A way to carry extra magazines on your belt or body
  • 500  rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • At least 3 high capacity magazines or enough standard capacity magazines to house a minimum of 30 rounds total. No exceptions.
  • Plenty of water and a sack lunch
  • Sunblock and or bug spray
  • A folding chair
  • Pen and paper
  • An open mind


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